Team: My Bodys Telling Me No AFC


27/Jun/2022 8:24Dads Army (Away)League2-2Draw
20/Jun/2022 9:12Saffron Walden Community FC Veterans (Away)League1-4Lose
13/Jun/2022 8:00Not in Your Mums Forest (Home)League1-1Draw
30/May/2022 9:36Hurricanes (Home)League3-2Lose
23/May/2022 9:12Wendon Old Boys FC (Away)League3-3Draw
16/May/2022 9:36Hurricanes (Home)Cup7-1Lose
09/May/2022 9:12Hungry Hamptons (Home)League3-2Lose
25/Apr/2022 9:12Hurricanes (Home)League3-3Draw
11/Apr/2022 9:36Saffron Walden Community FC Veterans (Home)Cup1-3Win
11/Apr/2022 9:12Phoenix Group B (Away)Cup1-2Lose
04/Apr/2022 9:36Phoenix Group (Away)Cup7-0Win
28/Mar/2022 8:48Suffolk Saints (Home)League2-9Win
28/Mar/2022 8:00Not in Your Mums Forest (Home)League5-3Lose
21/Mar/2022 8:24No Fuchs Given FC (Away)League2-13Lose
14/Mar/2022 8:48Phoenix Group B (Away)League4-2Win
14/Mar/2022 8:00Not in Your Mums Forest (Home)Cup6-3Lose
07/Mar/2022 9:36Saffron Walden Community FC Veterans (Away)League10-2Win
07/Mar/2022 9:12Phoenix Group (Away)League5-2Win
28/Feb/2022 9:12Wendon Old Boys FC (Away)Plate5-3Win
21/Feb/2022 9:12Saffron Walden Community FC B (Away)League14-1Win
14/Feb/2022 8:48Phoenix Group B (Home)Plate0-5Win
14/Feb/2022 8:48Saffron Walden Community FC Veterans (Home)League0-5Win
07/Feb/2022 9:36Phoenix Group (Home)League1-5Win
07/Feb/2022 8:48Wendon Old Boys FC (Home)Cup1-2Win
31/Jan/2022 9:12Phoenix Group B (Away)Cup2-3Lose
31/Jan/2022 8:24No Fuchs Given FC (Home)League2-1Lose
24/Jan/2022 9:00Wendon Old Boys FC (Home)League2-2Draw
17/Jan/2022 9:30Saffron Walden Community FC B (Away)League10-4Win
17/Jan/2022 9:00Hungry Hamptons (Home)League6-1Lose
10/Jan/2022 8:30Wendon Old Boys FC (Home)League6-1Lose
06/Dec/2021 8:30No Fuchs Given FC (Home)League6-3Lose
29/Nov/2021 9:00Hurricanes (Home)League6-1Lose
29/Nov/2021 8:00Suffolk Saints (Home)League2-0Lose
22/Nov/2021 9:00Hungry Hamptons (Home)League7-1Lose
15/Nov/2021 8:30No Fuchs Given FC (Away)League2-8Lose
01/Nov/2021 9:00Phoenix Group (Away)League3-6Lose
01/Nov/2021 8:00Hurricanes (Home)League7-3Lose
25/Oct/2021 8:00Suffolk Saints (Away)League4-2Win
18/Oct/2021 9:00Saffron Walden Community FC Veterans (Home)League2-3Win
11/Oct/2021 9:00Hungry Hamptons (Home)League3-4Win
04/Oct/2021 9:00Wendon Old Boys FC (Home)League8-1Lose
27/Sep/2021 9:00Hurricanes (Away)League0-13Lose
27/Sep/2021 8:00Suffolk Saints (Home)League2-1Lose
20/Sep/2021 8:30Saffron Walden Community FC B (Away)League3-6Lose
13/Sep/2021 9:00Phoenix Group (Home)League4-1Lose
14/Feb/2021 8:48Saffron Walden Community FC Veterans (Away)League5-0Win

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