Team: Paris Gan-Jaman


26/Oct/2020 8:20Borussia Teeth (Home)League7-4Lose
19/Oct/2020 8:20The Fellowship (Home)League2-5Win
12/Oct/2020 8:20Steezer United (Away)Cup6-1Win
12/Oct/2020 7:40Zootpassers (Home)League5-8Win
05/Oct/2020 8:20Tea and Busquets (Home)League2-3Win
28/Sep/2020 8:20Mazaritaz (Away)League7-1Win
28/Sep/2020 7:40Part Time FC (Home)League1-10Win
21/Sep/2020 8:20Making up the Numbers A (Home)League3-13Win

6 Barnes Close, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5NN

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