Team: G2G


11/Mar/2020 8:12Unathletico Madrid (Home)League7-2Lose
11/Mar/2020 7:24The Big Issue FC (Home)League2-5Win
04/Mar/2020 8:12Coco Mongos (Home)League0-1Win
04/Mar/2020 7:24The Big Issue FC (Away)League2-5Lose
19/Feb/2020 8:12The Big Issue FC (Away)League1-0Win
19/Feb/2020 7:24Tea & Busquets (Home)League7-3Lose
12/Feb/2020 8:24Coco Mongos (Away)Cup5-2Win
12/Feb/2020 7:39Unathletico Madrid (Home)Cup4-1Lose
05/Feb/2020 9:00Jumbo FC (Home)League2-3Win
05/Feb/2020 8:02Coco Mongos (Away)League1-8Lose
05/Feb/2020 7:17The Big Issue FC (Home)Cup5-4Lose
22/Jan/2020 8:30Tea & Busquets (Away)League2-4Lose
22/Jan/2020 7:44Unathletico Madrid (Home)League3-2Lose
15/Jan/2020 8:44Coco Mongos (Home)League2-2Draw
15/Jan/2020 8:02The Big Issue FC (Home)Cup2-5Win
08/Jan/2020 8:02Tea & Busquets (Away)Cup4-6Lose
08/Jan/2020 8:02Jumbo FC (Home)League0-1Win
08/Jan/2020 7:17Unathletico Madrid (Away)League2-4Lose
11/Dec/2019 7:24The Big Issue FC (Away)League4-6Lose
27/Nov/2019 8:36The Big Issue FC (Home)League5-5Draw
27/Nov/2019 7:48Tea & Busquets (Home)League1-3Win
06/Nov/2019 8:36Jumbo FC (Away)Cup0-1Lose
06/Nov/2019 8:24Phoebe 4 Life (Home)League0-1Win
16/Oct/2019 7:24Tea & Busquets (Away)Cup7-6Win
16/Oct/2019 7:00The Big Issue FC (Home)Cup1-0Lose
09/Oct/2019 8:36Tea & Busquets (Away)Cup5-8Lose
09/Oct/2019 8:12Jumbo FC (Away)Cup1-0Win
03/Oct/2019 7:00Champagne Super Rovers (Away)League1-0Win
02/Oct/2019 8:12Unathletico Madrid (Away)Cup6-3Win
02/Oct/2019 7:24The Big Issue FC (Home)League3-2Lose
11/Sep/2019 8:36Hardly Athletic (Away)Cup3-1Win
11/Sep/2019 7:48Jumbo FC (Home)League7-3Lose
04/Sep/2019 8:24Tea & Busquets (Away)League0-5Lose
04/Sep/2019 7:41Jumbo FC (Home)Cup0-1Win
21/Aug/2019 8:44Hardly Athletic (Away)Cup1-5Lose
14/Aug/2019 8:03Tea & Busquets (Home)Cup1-4Win
14/Aug/2019 7:17Dave United (Away)Cup5-2Win
07/Aug/2019 8:36Hardly Athletic (Away)League3-2Win
07/Aug/2019 7:48Jumbo FC (Home)Cup4-2Lose
07/Aug/2019 6:35Phoebe 4 Life (Home)League1-2Win
31/Jul/2019 7:42Jumbo FC (Away)League2-7Lose
31/Jul/2019 7:15Tea & Busquets (Home)Cup4-3Lose
17/Jul/2019 7:39The Big Issue FC (Home)Cup1-4Win
17/Jul/2019 6:55Dave United (Home)League1-5Win
10/Jul/2019 8:24Hardly Athletic (Away)League6-6Draw
10/Jul/2019 7:39Tea & Busquets (Away)League2-2Draw
03/Jul/2019 7:39The Big Issue FC (Away)League1-4Lose
03/Jul/2019 6:55Jumbo FC (Home)League6-3Lose
19/Jun/2019 9:00Champagne Super Rovers (Away)League1-0Win
19/Jun/2019 7:37Tea & Busquets (Home)Cup9-1Lose
19/Jun/2019 7:17Dave United (Home)League4-3Lose
12/Jun/2019 8:44Hardly Athletic (Away)League4-4Draw
12/Jun/2019 8:02The Big Issue FC (Away)League4-9Lose
12/Jun/2019 6:55Phoebe 4 Life (Away)League2-1Win
05/Jun/2019 8:27Jumbo FC (Home)League4-3Lose
05/Jun/2019 8:05Dave United (Home)League7-3Lose
05/Jun/2019 6:30Champagne Super Rovers (Away)League1-0Win
22/May/2019 8:44Champagne Super Rovers (Away)League2-1Win
22/May/2019 7:17Dave United (Home)League8-3Lose
15/May/2019 8:44Phoebe 4 Life (Away)League3-1Win
15/May/2019 8:19Hardly Athletic (Away)Cup4-4Draw
15/May/2019 6:55Phoebe 4 Life (Home)League0-1Win
08/May/2019 7:24The Big Issue FC (Home)League10-5Lose
08/May/2019 7:00The Big Issue FC (Away)Cup5-7Lose
01/May/2019 7:15Jumbo FC (Away)League2-7Lose
01/May/2019 6:55Tea & Busquets (Away)League2-4Lose

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