Team: Phoenix Old Boys


12/Dec/2018 8:36Norfolk n Chance (Home)Cup2-0Lose
12/Dec/2018 8:12Organised Chaos (Away)Cup2-4Lose
05/Dec/2018 9:00Sporting Hotpoints (Away)League1-0Win
05/Dec/2018 8:15Ipswich Underdogs (Away)Cup3-4Lose
21/Nov/2018 8:39Organised Chaos (Home)Cup0-9Win
21/Nov/2018 8:19Pathetico Madrid (Home)League0-3Win
14/Nov/2018 8:36Norfolk n Chance (Home)Cup3-0Lose
14/Nov/2018 8:12Clunge Monkeys (Away)League1-5Lose
07/Nov/2018 8:36Organised Chaos (Away)Cup1-1Draw
07/Nov/2018 8:12FC Bantalona (Home)Cup0-0Draw
31/Oct/2018 8:36Ipswich Underdogs (Home)League5-1Lose
31/Oct/2018 8:12The Fellowship (Home)League3-0Lose
17/Oct/2018 8:36FC Bantalona (Home)Cup3-2Lose
17/Oct/2018 8:12Da Mandem (Home)Cup2-2Draw
10/Oct/2018 8:36Sporting Hotpoints (Home)Cup3-2Lose
10/Oct/2018 8:12M.O.B (Home)League5-0Lose
03/Oct/2018 8:36Da Mandem (Home)League0-0Draw
03/Oct/2018 8:12FC Bantalona (Home)Cup0-2Win
26/Sep/2018 8:36Norfolk n Chance (Home)Cup5-0Lose
26/Sep/2018 8:12Ipswich Underdogs (Home)League2-3Win
19/Sep/2018 8:39Organised Chaos (Home)League1-2Win
19/Sep/2018 8:12FC Bantalona (Home)Cup0-0Draw
12/Sep/2018 8:39Sporting Hotpoints (Home)Cup1-2Win
12/Sep/2018 8:19Keep Fit or Die Trying (Home)League3-0Lose
05/Sep/2018 8:36Da Mandem (Away)Cup1-7Lose
05/Sep/2018 8:15FC Bantalona (Home)League0-3Win

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