Team: Osasuna or Later


10/Dec/2018 8:36Barrymores SC (Home)League3-0Lose
10/Dec/2018 8:12Steezer United (Away)Cup2-5Lose
03/Dec/2018 8:12Double DJ (Home)Cup1-2Win
03/Dec/2018 7:24Bayern Neverlusen (Home)League2-0Lose
03/Dec/2018 6:30Rosary FC (Away)Cup1-1Draw
26/Nov/2018 6:55Wu tang Ham Clan (Away)Cup2-3Lose
26/Nov/2018 6:30Athletico Madras (Home)Cup1-0Lose
19/Nov/2018 7:48Tea and Busquets FC (Home)League1-0Lose
12/Nov/2018 7:24International AS (Away)Cup1-2Lose
12/Nov/2018 6:30Pythons FC (Home)League4-0Lose
05/Nov/2018 7:24International AS (Home)League1-3Win
05/Nov/2018 7:00Kante be Serious (Away)Cup0-1Lose
29/Oct/2018 6:55Wu tang Ham Clan (Home)Cup4-1Lose
29/Oct/2018 6:30Pythons FC (Home)Cup0-1Win
22/Oct/2018 6:55Steezer United (Home)Cup3-1Lose
22/Oct/2018 6:30Who ate all the Depays (Home)League2-1Lose
15/Oct/2018 8:19Steezer United (Away)Cup0-4Lose
15/Oct/2018 7:58Real Mens not Hut (Away)League0-0Draw
08/Oct/2018 8:39Steezer United (Home)Cup0-1Win
01/Oct/2018 7:17International AS (Home)Cup5-1Lose
01/Oct/2018 6:30Pythons FC (Away)Cup1-3Lose
24/Sep/2018 6:55E.Goodfellas (Home)League2-1Lose
24/Sep/2018 6:30Pythons FC (Home)Cup6-1Lose
17/Sep/2018 7:17Who ate all the Depays (Away)League1-4Lose
17/Sep/2018 6:30Athletico Madras (Home)Plate2-1Lose
10/Sep/2018 8:19Who ate all the Depays (Home)Cup4-0Lose
10/Sep/2018 7:39Total Football (Home)Cup2-0Lose
10/Sep/2018 7:00S.O.D (Home)League0-1Win
03/Sep/2018 8:05Double DJ (Home)Cup6-1Lose
03/Sep/2018 7:17E.Goodfellas (Away)Cup4-3Win
03/Sep/2018 6:30International AS (Away)League1-0Win
03/Sep/2018 6:30The Fellowship (Home)Cup4-0Lose
20/Aug/2018 7:19Who ate all the Depays (Away)Cup0-1Lose
13/Aug/2018 8:36Real Mens not Hut (Home)League1-2Win
13/Aug/2018 7:48Steezer United (Home)Cup3-1Lose
06/Aug/2018 7:00S.O.D (Away)Cup3-3Draw
06/Aug/2018 6:30Wu tang Ham Clan (Home)League6-0Lose
30/Jul/2018 7:24Athletico Madras B (Home)Cup0-1Win
30/Jul/2018 6:55Elite V (Away)Cup1-0Win
30/Jul/2018 6:30Pythons FC (Home)League4-0Lose
16/Jul/2018 8:19International AS (Home)Cup2-1Lose
16/Jul/2018 7:37Kante be Serious (Away)League2-1Win
09/Jul/2018 7:37Athletico Madras B (Away)League1-4Lose
09/Jul/2018 7:17S.O.D (Away)Cup0-3Lose
02/Jul/2018 7:17International AS (Away)Cup0-6Lose
02/Jul/2018 6:55Tea and Busquets FC (Away)Cup0-2Lose
25/Jun/2018 7:17Wu tang Ham Clan (Home)League2-4Win
25/Jun/2018 6:55Who ate all the Depays (Home)League2-4Win
11/Jun/2018 8:39Real Mens not Hut (Home)Cup0-6Win
11/Jun/2018 7:58International AS (Away)Cup2-2Draw
04/Jun/2018 6:55Athletico Madras (Home)Cup4-0Lose
04/Jun/2018 6:30Wu tang Ham Clan (Away)Cup1-3Lose
21/May/2018 7:37Tea and Busquets FC (Away)Cup1-5Lose
21/May/2018 7:17Pythons FC (Home)League3-0Lose
14/May/2018 6:55Steezer United (Home)Cup3-0Lose
14/May/2018 6:30Athletico Madras B (Home)League5-0Lose
30/Apr/2018 7:17Tea and Busquets FC (Away)Cup1-14Lose
30/Apr/2018 6:55Bayern Neverlusen (Away)Cup0-1Lose
30/Apr/2018 6:30Athletico Madras B (Home)Friendly3-0Lose
23/Apr/2018 7:17Last Kings (Home)Cup9-0Lose
23/Apr/2018 6:55International AS (Away)League1-4Lose
16/Apr/2018 8:39Steezer United (Home)Cup3-0Lose
16/Apr/2018 8:19Real Mens not Hut (Away)League0-5Lose
09/Apr/2018 7:37Double DJ (Home)Cup6-0Lose
09/Apr/2018 7:17Kante be Serious (Home)League4-0Lose
26/Mar/2018 6:55Steezer United (Home)Cup0-1Win
26/Mar/2018 6:30Wu tang Ham Clan (Home)League5-0Lose
19/Mar/2018 6:55S.O.D (Away)League3-0Win
19/Mar/2018 6:35Pythons FC (Home)Cup0-2Win
12/Mar/2018 7:17International AS (Away)Cup2-5Lose
12/Mar/2018 6:55Who ate all the Depays (Home)League4-0Lose
05/Mar/2018 7:16S.O.D (Home)Cup2-1Lose
05/Mar/2018 6:55Pythons FC (Home)Cup1-0Lose
26/Feb/2018 7:16S.O.D (Home)Cup0-1Win
19/Feb/2018 8:19Athletico Madras B (Away)League1-1Draw
19/Feb/2018 7:37Pythons FC (Away)Cup1-2Lose
12/Feb/2018 8:40Steezer United (Home)Cup3-1Lose
12/Feb/2018 8:19E.Goodfellas (Away)League0-2Lose
05/Feb/2018 7:37International AS (Home)League4-1Lose
05/Feb/2018 6:55Pythons FC (Home)Cup3-1Lose
29/Jan/2018 7:24Tea and Busquets FC (Home)Cup5-3Lose
29/Jan/2018 7:00Steezer United (Home)Cup1-0Lose
22/Jan/2018 8:12Double DJ (Home)Cup3-0Lose
22/Jan/2018 7:48Pythons FC (Home)League1-0Lose
15/Jan/2018 7:42International AS (Home)Cup3-1Lose
15/Jan/2018 7:00S.O.D (Away)League2-1Win
08/Jan/2018 8:36Real Mens not Hut (Home)League1-0Lose
18/Dec/2017 7:24Kante be Serious (Home)League2-1Lose
18/Dec/2017 7:00Bayern Neverlusen (Home)Cup3-0Lose
04/Dec/2017 9:00E.Goodfellas (Away)League1-4Lose
04/Dec/2017 8:36Real Mens not Hut (Home)Cup4-2Lose
27/Nov/2017 8:12Steezer United (Home)Cup3-0Lose
27/Nov/2017 7:24S.O.D (Home)Cup1-1Draw
20/Nov/2017 8:12Last Kings (Home)Cup5-0Lose

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