Team: Steezer United


29/May/2019 8:12Norfolk n Chance (Home)Cup2-2Draw
29/May/2019 7:00Dads Army (Away)Cup4-5Lose
08/May/2019 8:36Phoenix Old Boys (Home)Cup1-4Win
08/May/2019 8:12Norfolk n Chance (Home)Cup2-1Lose
08/May/2019 7:48Keep Fit or Die Trying (Away)Cup1-1Draw
08/May/2019 7:24Ipswich Underdogs (Home)Cup1-3Win
08/May/2019 7:00Dads Army (Home)Cup3-5Win
26/Aug/2015 8:42Sporting Hotpoints (Home)Cup0-1Win

6 Barnes Close, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5NN

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