Team: Colchester Deaf FC


23/Sep/2015 8:45Sporting Hotpoints (Home)Cup4-2Lose
23/Sep/2015 7:55Norfolk n Chance (Away)Cup1-2Lose
09/Sep/2015 8:36The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)Cup3-1Win
09/Sep/2015 7:48Eyesiss (Home)Cup0-2Win
26/Aug/2015 7:54Norfolk n Chance (Away)Cup4-1Win
26/Aug/2015 7:30Eyesiss (Away)Cup3-4Lose
19/Aug/2015 8:36BrentMuws (Home)Cup1-1Draw
19/Aug/2015 7:48Jumpers Ipswich (Home)Cup3-3Draw
12/Aug/2015 8:36The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup0-1Win
12/Aug/2015 8:12Eyesiss (Away)Cup1-4Lose
05/Aug/2015 8:36Sporting Hotpoints (Away)Cup1-2Lose
05/Aug/2015 7:48Queens Park Raisins (Away)Cup1-0Win
29/Jul/2015 8:36Ipswich Underdogs (Away)Cup3-2Win
29/Jul/2015 8:12Queens Park Raisins (Away)Cup1-2Lose
22/Jul/2015 8:48The Cunning Stunts (Home)Cup4-1Lose
22/Jul/2015 7:55The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)Cup2-0Win
15/Jul/2015 8:36Mathletico Madrid (Away)Cup3-2Win
15/Jul/2015 7:48Norfolk n Chance (Away)Cup1-1Draw
08/Jul/2015 9:15The Assortements (Home)Cup0-1Win
08/Jul/2015 8:20The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup7-0Lose
01/Jul/2015 8:45The Cunning Stunts (Home)Cup3-0Lose
24/Jun/2015 9:402 Goals 1 Cup (Home)Cup0-2Win
24/Jun/2015 8:50Heatsrokes AFC (Away)Cup6-0Win
17/Jun/2015 9:20The Cunning Stunts (Home)Cup2-3Win
17/Jun/2015 8:20The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)League3-6Win
10/Jun/2015 8:502 Goals 1 Cup (Away)Cup6-3Win
10/Jun/2015 7:55Heatsrokes AFC (Away)Cup9-1Win
03/Jun/2015 9:15The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup5-5Draw
03/Jun/2015 8:20The Cunning Stunts (Home)Cup4-5Win
27/May/2015 9:00The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Plate1-1Draw
20/May/2015 9:402 Goals 1 Cup (Home)Cup0-6Win
20/May/2015 9:15The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup3-7Win
13/May/2015 9:15Heatsrokes AFC (Away)Cup13-2Win
13/May/2015 8:50The Cunning Stunts (Home)League5-0Lose
06/May/2015 9:15The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup2-7Win
06/May/2015 8:20Heatsrokes AFC (Home)League2-9Win
29/Apr/2015 9:392 Goals 1 Cup (Away)League4-0Win
29/Apr/2015 8:20The Cunning Stunts (Home)League2-4Win
22/Apr/2015 9:10The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)Cup3-5Lose
22/Apr/2015 8:20Heatsrokes AFC (Home)League1-11Win
15/Apr/2015 9:252 Goals 1 Cup (Home)Cup0-11Win
15/Apr/2015 8:25The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)League2-3Lose
08/Apr/2015 9:392 Goals 1 Cup (Home)Cup0-6Win
08/Apr/2015 8:20The Cunning Stunts (Home)League3-2Lose
01/Apr/2015 8:24The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)Cup3-2Win
01/Apr/2015 8:00The Assortements (Home)Cup2-4Win
25/Mar/2015 8:24The Cunning Stunts (Home)Cup4-1Lose
25/Mar/2015 8:00Heatsrokes AFC (Home)Cup0-10Win
18/Mar/2015 9:30The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup2-9Win
18/Mar/2015 9:002 Goals 1 Cup (Home)League1-9Win
11/Mar/2015 9:00The Cunning Stunts (Away)Cup7-1Win
11/Mar/2015 8:00The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)League5-1Win
04/Mar/2015 9:002 Goals 1 Cup (Away)League8-3Win
04/Mar/2015 8:00The Cunning Stunts (Away)Cup2-3Lose
25/Feb/2015 8:00Heatsrokes AFC (Home)League0-15Win

6 Barnes Close, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5NN

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