Team: Ayew Ready for this


17/Aug/2017 6:35Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)League1-0Lose
27/Jul/2017 6:55Osasuna or Later (Home)League1-0Lose
20/Jul/2017 8:39Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)League1-0Lose
13/Jul/2017 7:45Kante be serious (Home)Cup4-2Lose
13/Jul/2017 7:16Osasuna or Later (Home)League1-0Lose
06/Jul/2017 7:58Dels Boys (Away)Cup3-0Win
06/Jul/2017 7:37Things R Getting Messi (Home)League4-3Lose
29/Jun/2017 8:12Kante be serious (Home)League4-2Lose
29/Jun/2017 7:48Deportivo Lacking Talent (Away)Cup1-7Lose
22/Jun/2017 7:58Things R Getting Messi (Home)League5-3Lose
15/Jun/2017 8:39Dels Boys (Away)Cup0-1Lose
15/Jun/2017 8:19Kante be serious (Home)League1-0Lose
01/Jun/2017 6:55Osasuna or Later (Away)Plate3-2Win
25/May/2017 8:37Dels Boys (Away)League0-1Lose
25/May/2017 8:15Deportivo Lacking Talent (Away)Cup0-1Lose
18/May/2017 8:36Dels Boys (Home)Cup9-0Lose
18/May/2017 7:37Things R Getting Messi (Home)League2-4Win
11/May/2017 7:58Deportivo Lacking Talent (Away)Cup1-3Lose
11/May/2017 7:16Osasuna or Later (Home)League2-1Lose
04/May/2017 8:39Who ate all the Depays (Away)Cup3-2Win
04/May/2017 8:19Dels Boys (Away)League0-3Lose
27/Apr/2017 8:40Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)League5-3Lose
27/Apr/2017 8:20Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup0-1Lose
20/Apr/2017 8:39Kante be serious (Away)League1-1Draw
20/Apr/2017 8:19Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup2-2Draw
13/Apr/2017 8:39Deportivo Lacking Talent (Away)Cup2-2Draw
13/Apr/2017 8:19Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup4-5Win
30/Mar/2017 8:39Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)Cup0-1Win
30/Mar/2017 8:19Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup3-4Lose
23/Mar/2017 8:39Dels Boys (Away)Cup4-3Win
23/Mar/2017 8:19Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup0-1Lose
16/Mar/2017 8:39The Fellowship (Home)Cup1-0Lose
16/Mar/2017 8:19Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)League1-4Win
09/Mar/2017 8:39Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)Cup1-2Win
09/Mar/2017 8:19Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup1-1Draw
02/Mar/2017 7:58Dels Boys (Away)Cup1-0Win
02/Mar/2017 7:16Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup1-6Win
23/Feb/2017 8:40Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup2-0Lose
23/Feb/2017 8:20Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)League4-4Draw
16/Feb/2017 8:39The Fellowship (Away)Cup0-1Lose
16/Feb/2017 8:19Dels Boys (Away)Cup2-7Lose
09/Feb/2017 8:39The Fellowship (Home)Cup1-0Lose
09/Feb/2017 8:19Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup1-0Lose
02/Feb/2017 8:39Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)Cup6-3Lose
02/Feb/2017 8:19Osasuna or Later (Home)League0-0Draw
26/Jan/2017 8:39The Fellowship (Home)Cup0-1Win
26/Jan/2017 8:19Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup3-2Win
19/Jan/2017 8:40Dels Boys (Home)League1-1Draw
19/Jan/2017 8:19Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-0Win
12/Jan/2017 8:40The Fellowship (Away)Cup0-2Lose
12/Jan/2017 8:12The Fellowship (Home)League2-0Lose
22/Dec/2016 8:40Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup2-1Lose
22/Dec/2016 8:20Strike it Lucky (Away)Cup6-2Win
15/Dec/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Away)Cup3-2Win
15/Dec/2016 8:12Strike it Lucky (Away)League3-6Lose
08/Dec/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Home)League5-3Lose
08/Dec/2016 8:12The Fellowship (Home)Cup3-1Lose
01/Dec/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-1Win
01/Dec/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Away)Cup1-2Lose
24/Nov/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Away)League2-8Lose
24/Nov/2016 8:12The Fellowship (Home)Cup1-1Draw
17/Nov/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Away)League0-3Lose
17/Nov/2016 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)League3-3Draw
03/Nov/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Away)Cup1-2Lose
03/Nov/2016 8:12Deportivo Lacking Talent (Home)Cup4-6Win
27/Oct/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-1Win
27/Oct/2016 8:12Strike it Lucky (Away)League3-2Win
20/Oct/2016 8:36The Fellowship (Home)League3-1Lose
20/Oct/2016 8:12Deportivo Lacking Talent (Away)Cup1-0Win
13/Oct/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Home)Cup1-4Win
13/Oct/2016 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)League3-0Win
06/Oct/2016 8:36Strike it Lucky (Away)League2-7Lose
06/Oct/2016 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup1-1Draw
29/Sep/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Home)League2-3Win
29/Sep/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Away)Cup2-4Lose
22/Sep/2016 8:36The Fellowship (Away)League3-2Win
22/Sep/2016 8:12Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup2-3Win
15/Sep/2016 8:36Strike it Lucky (Away)Cup2-2Draw
15/Sep/2016 8:12Deportivo Lacking Talent (Away)League0-3Lose
08/Sep/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Home)League4-0Lose
08/Sep/2016 8:12Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup2-4Win
25/Aug/2016 8:36Strike it Lucky (Home)Cup3-0Lose
25/Aug/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Home)Cup1-1Draw
18/Aug/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Home)Plate5-4Lose
18/Aug/2016 8:12Scouting 4 Goals (Away)Cup1-4Lose
11/Aug/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Home)Plate7-8Win
11/Aug/2016 8:12The Fellowship (Home)Cup1-2Win
04/Aug/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup7-3Lose
04/Aug/2016 8:12Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup5-6Win
28/Jul/2016 8:36The Fellowship (Away)Cup3-1Win
28/Jul/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Home)Plate4-3Lose
21/Jul/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Home)Cup0-1Win
21/Jul/2016 7:48Premier Killers (Away)League0-1Lose
14/Jul/2016 8:36The Fellowship (Home)Cup3-2Lose
14/Jul/2016 8:12Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)Cup4-1Lose
07/Jul/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup6-3Win
07/Jul/2016 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)League3-2Win
30/Jun/2016 8:36The Fellowship (Home)Cup1-1Draw
30/Jun/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Home)League0-1Win
23/Jun/2016 8:36Premier Killers (Away)Cup1-3Lose
23/Jun/2016 8:12Scouting 4 Goals (Away)Cup0-1Lose
16/Jun/2016 8:50Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup4-1Lose
16/Jun/2016 8:26Premier Killers (Home)Cup1-1Draw
09/Jun/2016 8:50Dels Boys (Away)League1-5Lose
09/Jun/2016 8:27Premier Killers (Home)League2-0Lose
02/Jun/2016 9:12Pinewood County (Away)League1-0Win
02/Jun/2016 8:50Dels Boys (Away)Cup2-1Win
02/Jun/2016 8:03Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup1-5Lose
26/May/2016 8:50Scouting 4 Goals (Home)Cup2-1Lose
26/May/2016 8:27Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)League0-1Lose
19/May/2016 8:50Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup3-1Win
19/May/2016 8:27Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup1-3Win
12/May/2016 8:50Things R Getting Messi (Home)League1-4Win
12/May/2016 8:27Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-1Win
05/May/2016 9:10Ipswich Pythons (Away)League3-2Win
05/May/2016 8:50Dels Boys (Away)Cup1-4Lose
05/May/2016 8:27Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup4-2Win
02/May/2016 9:10Ipswich Pythons (Away)League2-1Win
28/Apr/2016 8:36Scouting 4 Goals (Home)League5-3Lose
28/Apr/2016 8:12Premier Killers (Away)Cup2-1Win
21/Apr/2016 8:50Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup2-0Win
21/Apr/2016 8:27Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League3-1Lose
14/Apr/2016 8:50The Fellowship (Home)League3-4Win
14/Apr/2016 8:27Premier Killers (Home)Cup3-2Lose
07/Apr/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup1-10Win
07/Apr/2016 8:12Pinewood County (Away)League1-0Win
31/Mar/2016 9:00Ipswich Pythons (Away)League1-0Win
31/Mar/2016 8:36Premier Killers (Away)Cup2-0Win
31/Mar/2016 8:12Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup1-3Win
24/Mar/2016 8:36The Fellowship (Away)Cup4-2Win
24/Mar/2016 8:12Scouting 4 Goals (Home)League2-0Lose
17/Mar/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup1-6Win
17/Mar/2016 8:12The Fellowship (Away)Cup3-1Win
10/Mar/2016 8:36Things R Getting Messi (Home)League3-1Lose
10/Mar/2016 8:12Premier Killers (Home)Cup5-1Lose
03/Mar/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup2-6Win
03/Mar/2016 8:12Dels Boys (Home)League7-1Lose
25/Feb/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Away)Cup2-5Lose
25/Feb/2016 8:12Scouting 4 Goals (Home)Cup5-1Lose
18/Feb/2016 8:48Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup0-1Win
18/Feb/2016 8:24Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League2-0Lose
18/Feb/2016 6:35Spartans City FC (Away)League1-0Win
11/Feb/2016 9:12Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup2-2Draw
11/Feb/2016 8:36Osasuna or Later (Away)League6-1Win
04/Feb/2016 9:00Premier Killers (Away)Cup2-5Lose
04/Feb/2016 8:24Ipswich Pythons (Away)League3-2Win
28/Jan/2016 9:00Scouting 4 Goals (Home)League3-0Lose
28/Jan/2016 8:36Pinewood County (Away)Cup2-2Draw
21/Jan/2016 9:12Ipswich Pythons (Away)Cup3-0Win
21/Jan/2016 8:48Pinewood County (Away)League2-0Win
14/Jan/2016 8:36Dels Boys (Away)League0-2Lose
14/Jan/2016 8:12Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup3-5Win
07/Jan/2016 9:00The Fellowship (Home)League1-0Lose
07/Jan/2016 8:12Pinewood County (Home)Cup1-1Draw
10/Dec/2015 8:48Things R Getting Messi (Home)League1-0Lose
10/Dec/2015 8:00Pinewood County (Away)Plate1-7Lose
03/Dec/2015 9:24Osasuna or Later (Away)League0-1Lose
03/Dec/2015 8:48Spartans City FC (Away)Cup3-5Lose
26/Nov/2015 9:12Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup1-4Lose
26/Nov/2015 8:48Premier Killers (Home)League5-3Lose
19/Nov/2015 9:12Ipswich Pythons (Home)Cup1-5Win
19/Nov/2015 8:36Scouting 4 Goals (Home)Cup1-2Win
12/Nov/2015 9:00Spartans City FC (Away)Plate4-2Win
12/Nov/2015 8:12Dels Boys (Home)Cup7-0Lose
05/Nov/2015 8:36Dels Boys (Away)Cup2-0Win
05/Nov/2015 7:48Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)Cup2-0Lose
29/Oct/2015 8:12Spartans City FC (Home)League4-5Win
29/Oct/2015 7:48Pinewood County (Home)Cup1-3Win
22/Oct/2015 9:00Ipswich Pythons (Away)Cup2-2Draw
22/Oct/2015 8:36The Fellowship (Away)Cup2-2Draw
22/Oct/2015 8:12Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup2-4Lose
15/Oct/2015 9:00Things R Getting Messi (Home)League5-1Lose
15/Oct/2015 8:12Premier Killers (Home)Cup2-1Lose
08/Oct/2015 8:48Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup3-3Draw
08/Oct/2015 8:24Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup4-1Lose
01/Oct/2015 9:12Spartans City FC (Home)Cup7-2Lose
01/Oct/2015 8:12The Fellowship (Home)League5-1Lose
24/Sep/2015 9:12Premier Killers (Home)Cup2-2Draw
24/Sep/2015 8:48The Fellowship (Away)Cup4-2Win
17/Sep/2015 9:06Ipswich Pythons (Home)Cup0-1Win
17/Sep/2015 8:42Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup2-3Win
10/Sep/2015 8:18Premier Killers (Home)League3-0Lose
10/Sep/2015 7:54Queens Park Raisins (Home)Cup2-2Draw
20/Aug/2015 9:06Ipswich Pythons (Home)Cup0-2Win
20/Aug/2015 8:42Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup1-5Win
13/Aug/2015 8:42Ipswich Pythons (Home)Cup0-3Win
06/Aug/2015 8:42Osasuna or Later (Home)League2-6Win
06/Aug/2015 8:18Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup1-3Lose
30/Jul/2015 9:06Premier Killers (Home)Cup0-2Win
30/Jul/2015 8:18Queens Park Raisins (Home)League1-1Draw
23/Jul/2015 9:06Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup4-2Win
23/Jul/2015 8:18Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League2-1Lose
16/Jul/2015 9:06Dels Boys (Home)Cup4-2Lose
16/Jul/2015 8:42Ipswich Pythons (Home)League2-3Win
09/Jul/2015 8:42Spartans City FC (Home)Cup0-1Win
09/Jul/2015 8:18Premier Killers (Home)Cup5-2Lose
02/Jul/2015 9:06Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup0-2Win
02/Jul/2015 8:18Queens Park Raisins (Home)Cup1-4Win
25/Jun/2015 9:06The Fellowship (Home)Cup3-0Lose
25/Jun/2015 8:42Premier Killers (Home)Cup4-2Lose
18/Jun/2015 9:06Ipswich Pythons (Home)Cup4-3Lose
18/Jun/2015 8:42Dels Boys (Away)League2-3Lose
11/Jun/2015 9:06Dels Boys (Home)Cup7-1Lose
11/Jun/2015 8:18Premier Killers (Home)League8-1Lose
04/Jun/2015 8:18Spartans City FC (Away)Cup1-0Win
04/Jun/2015 7:54Queens Park Raisins (Home)Cup2-3Win
28/May/2015 8:42Ipswich Pythons (Home)League0-6Win
28/May/2015 8:18The Fellowship (Away)Cup1-4Lose
21/May/2015 9:06Things R Getting Messi (Away)League5-6Lose
21/May/2015 8:18Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup3-4Win
14/May/2015 9:06Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)League6-6Draw
14/May/2015 8:18Queens Park Raisins (Home)Cup2-1Lose
07/May/2015 9:06Ipswich Pythons (Home)Cup3-1Lose
07/May/2015 8:18Premier Killers (Away)Cup0-1Lose
30/Apr/2015 8:42Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)Cup0-4Lose
30/Apr/2015 8:18Osasuna or Later (Away)League2-1Win
23/Apr/2015 9:06Dels Boys (Home)League4-1Lose
23/Apr/2015 8:42Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup4-0Lose
16/Apr/2015 8:36The Fellowship (Away)League0-2Lose
16/Apr/2015 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-5Lose
09/Apr/2015 8:36Dels Boys (Home)Cup4-1Lose
09/Apr/2015 7:48Queens Park Raisins (Home)League4-1Lose
02/Apr/2015 8:48Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup2-8Win
02/Apr/2015 8:24Spartans City FC (Home)League1-8Win
26/Mar/2015 9:36Ipswich Pythons (Away)Cup2-1Win
26/Mar/2015 8:48Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup3-2Win
19/Mar/2015 9:36Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-1Win
19/Mar/2015 9:12Dels Boys (Home)Cup2-3Win
12/Mar/2015 9:36Ipswich Pythons (Away)Cup1-3Lose
05/Mar/2015 9:36Things R Getting Messi (Home)League5-0Lose
05/Mar/2015 8:48Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)Cup3-1Lose
26/Feb/2015 9:12Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)Cup2-3Win
26/Feb/2015 8:24The Fellowship (Away)Cup1-0Win
19/Feb/2015 8:48The Fellowship (Away)Cup2-3Lose
12/Feb/2015 9:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)Cup3-2Win
12/Feb/2015 9:12Dels Boys (Home)League4-1Lose
22/Jan/2015 9:12Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup0-2Lose
22/Jan/2015 8:24Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup0-1Win
15/Jan/2015 9:12The Fellowship (Away)League2-4Lose
08/Jan/2015 9:36Premier Killers (Home)Cup3-5Win
08/Jan/2015 8:48Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup0-1Win
18/Dec/2014 9:12Osasuna or Later (Home)League1-3Win
18/Dec/2014 8:48Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)Cup1-5Win
11/Dec/2014 9:36Ipswich Pythons (Away)Cup1-0Win
11/Dec/2014 9:12Things R Getting Messi (Home)Cup0-0Draw
04/Dec/2014 9:12The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)League2-0Lose
04/Dec/2014 8:48Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)Cup1-8Win
27/Nov/2014 9:36Dels Boys (Away)Cup0-8Lose
27/Nov/2014 8:24Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League5-1Lose
20/Nov/2014 9:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)Cup1-6Win
20/Nov/2014 8:24Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)Cup1-1Draw
13/Nov/2014 9:36Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup4-2Lose
13/Nov/2014 9:12Premier Killers (Home)League4-2Lose
06/Nov/2014 9:36The Fellowship (Home)Cup3-0Lose
06/Nov/2014 9:12Ipswich Pythons (Away)League4-4Draw
30/Oct/2014 9:36Premier Killers (Home)Cup3-3Draw
30/Oct/2014 9:12Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup0-3Lose
23/Oct/2014 9:36The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)League1-3Lose
23/Oct/2014 8:48Osasuna or Later (Home)Cup4-2Lose
16/Oct/2014 8:36Premier Killers (Home)Cup5-1Lose
16/Oct/2014 8:12The Fellowship (Away)League4-2Win
09/Oct/2014 8:24Things R Getting Messi (Away)Cup2-2Draw
09/Oct/2014 8:00Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)League3-1Lose
02/Oct/2014 8:36The Fellowship (Home)Cup2-0Lose
02/Oct/2014 8:12Ipswich Pythons (Away)League0-0Draw
25/Sep/2014 8:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)Cup1-4Win
25/Sep/2014 8:12Osasuna or Later (Home)League7-1Lose
18/Sep/2014 8:36The Fellowship (Away)Cup2-1Win
18/Sep/2014 8:12Dels Boys (Home)League4-2Lose
11/Sep/2014 8:36Premier Killers (Home)Cup4-2Lose
11/Sep/2014 8:12Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)League1-0Lose
04/Sep/2014 9:24Dels Boys (Home)Cup3-2Lose
04/Sep/2014 8:36Premier Killers (Home)League0-2Win
21/Aug/2014 8:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League6-3Lose
21/Aug/2014 8:12Dels Boys (Home)Cup6-1Lose
14/Aug/2014 8:36Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup2-2Draw
14/Aug/2014 8:12Things R Getting Messi (Home)League2-5Win
07/Aug/2014 8:36The Fellowship (Away)Cup3-2Win
07/Aug/2014 8:12The Fellowship (Away)Cup2-2Draw
31/Jul/2014 7:48jumpers For Goalposts Cornard (Home)Cup0-2Win
31/Jul/2014 7:24Jumpers For Goalposts Ipswich (Home)Cup2-1Lose
24/Jul/2014 8:36Premier Killers (Home)Cup1-4Win
24/Jul/2014 8:12The Fellowship (Away)League2-1Win
17/Jul/2014 8:36Dels Boys (Away)League0-4Lose
17/Jul/2014 7:48Premier Killers (Home)Cup2-3Win
03/Jul/2014 8:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)Cup2-1Win
03/Jul/2014 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup8-0Win
26/Jun/2014 8:36jumpers For Goalposts Cornard (Away)Cup2-4Lose
26/Jun/2014 8:12Jumpers For Goalposts Ipswich (Home)Cup5-1Lose
12/Jun/2014 8:36The Fellowship (Away)Cup1-4Lose
12/Jun/2014 7:48The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)League1-2Win
05/Jun/2014 8:12Dels Boys (Home)Cup6-1Lose
05/Jun/2014 7:24Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Away)League2-2Draw
29/May/2014 7:00The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup4-6Win
29/May/2014 6:30The Fellowship (Away)Cup4-1Win
22/May/2014 8:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League2-1Lose
22/May/2014 8:12Osasuna or Later (Away)Cup5-0Win
15/May/2014 7:48Michu At DeGea Ba (Home)League1-5Win
15/May/2014 7:24The Fellowship (Away)Cup4-2Win
01/May/2014 8:40Dels Boys (Home)Cup7-0Lose
01/May/2014 8:20Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Away)Cup4-4Draw
24/Apr/2014 9:00Annihilate (Away)Cup1-6Lose
24/Apr/2014 8:36Jumpers For Goalposts Ipswich (Away)Cup0-1Lose
17/Apr/2014 8:40The Fellowship (Away)League2-1Win
17/Apr/2014 8:20Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Away)Cup3-2Win
10/Apr/2014 8:35Dels Boys (Home)Cup2-0Lose
10/Apr/2014 8:15The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)League3-1Win
03/Apr/2014 9:36The Fellowship (Home)Cup2-1Lose
03/Apr/2014 8:48Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)League1-3Win
27/Mar/2014 9:36The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)Cup1-0Win
27/Mar/2014 9:12Premier Killers (Home)Cup0-0Draw
27/Mar/2014 8:48Dels Boys (Away)League0-4Lose
20/Mar/2014 9:12Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)Cup1-5Lose
20/Mar/2014 8:24The Fellowship (Away)League0-3Lose
06/Mar/2014 8:48Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)League0-1Win
06/Mar/2014 8:24The Good,The Bad and Neville (Away)Cup4-3Win
27/Feb/2014 9:12Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)League1-0Lose
20/Feb/2014 9:36Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)League3-2Win
20/Feb/2014 8:48Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Home)Cup0-1Win
13/Feb/2014 8:48The Fellowship (Home)Cup6-1Lose
13/Feb/2014 8:00Dels Boys (Home)League0-1Win
06/Feb/2014 9:00The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup2-0Lose
06/Feb/2014 8:40Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)League2-2Draw
30/Jan/2014 8:00The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)League2-1Lose
30/Jan/2014 6:00Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)Cup2-0Win
23/Jan/2014 9:00Jumpers For Goalposts Cornard FC (Away)Cup6-4Win
23/Jan/2014 8:38Dels Boys (Away)League2-1Win
16/Jan/2014 8:59Michu At DeGea Ba (Away)Cup3-1Win
16/Jan/2014 8:16The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)Cup2-3Win
09/Jan/2014 8:16The Good,The Bad and Neville (Home)League4-4Draw
09/Jan/2014 7:55The Fellowship (Away)League1-1Draw
05/Dec/2013 8:24Whatfield Wanderers (Home)Cup2-0Lose
28/Nov/2013 8:37White and Red FC (Home)Cup4-0Lose
28/Nov/2013 7:55The Fellowship (Home)Cup1-1Draw

6 Barnes Close, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 5NN

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