League: Ipswich Wednesday (Division: 1)

League Table

1The Fellowship171322601446028
2Norfolk n Chance171232552035027
4Keep Fit or Die Trying161213392217025
5Clunge Monkeys17926382315020
6Ipswich Underdogs1683542339019
7Organised Chaos177282643-17016
8Phoenix Old Boys177191937-18015
9Da Mandem165292848-20012
10FC Bantalona1632111125-1408
11Dads Army6204617-1104
12Pathetico Madrid1720151355-4204
13Sporting Hotpoints170215940-3102


17/Jan/2019: Dads Army FC/FC Bantalona

Dads Army FC have been added to the League as first on the waiting list to replace FC Bantalona who have just stopped attending without any notification to the League.Their conduct will be dealt with under League rules and via the Football Association if necessary.

25/Jul/2013: Latest Cup Positions

Top 4 qualify into Semi-Finals remaining Teams into Plate.Knock out commences after 24 Rounds of Games.

Norfolk n Chance

CURRENT SEASONS POSITIONS (After games on 13th February).
Norfolk n Chance 37pts,The Fellowship 36pts,Keep Fit ODT 23pts,M.O.B 19pts,Organised Chaos 15pts,DaMandem 15pts,Clunge Monkeys 8pts,FC Bantalona 8pts,Phoenix OB 7pts,Ipswich Underdogs 6pts,Pathetico Madrid 1pt,Sporting Hotpoints 0pts.

Teams play each other in their Group twice with Top 2 in each qualifying for Semi-Finals,remaining Teams into Plate.

Holders The Fellowship

Groups for current season
A Norfolk n Chance 6pts 3pl,Phoenix OB 4pts 3pl,FC Bantalona 2pts 3pl,Organised Chaos 0pst 3pl.
B M.O.B 7pts 4pl,The Fellowship 4pts 4pl,Ipswich Underdogs 4pts 4pl,Keep Fit or Die Trying 1pt 4pl.
C DaMandem 4pts 3pl,Clunge Monkeys 2pts 2pl,Pathetico Madrid 0pts 1pl,Dads Army.

DaMandem v Pathetico Madrid,The Fellowship v M.O.B,Ipswich Underdogs v Keep Fit ODT,Organised Chaos v Phoenix OB and Norfolk n Chance v Phoenix OB being played 13th February.

Teams play each other 3 times in League Fixtures.Teams must complete the season once having started.

League Fixtures

20th February

6:55: Ipswich Underdogs v Organised Chaos

7:17: Pathetico Madrid v M.O.B

7:17: The Fellowship v Dads Army

7:37: Dads Army v Keep Fit or Die Trying

7:37: Organised Chaos v Ipswich Underdogs

8:24: Norfolk n Chance v Dads Army

Other Fixtures for teams in this league

20th February

6:55: M.O.B v The Fellowship (Cup)

8:02: Da Mandem v Pathetico Madrid (Cup)

8:02: Norfolk n Chance v Keep Fit or Die Trying (Cup)

8:24: Phoenix Old Boys v Pathetico Madrid (Cup)

8:44: Phoenix Old Boys v Da Mandem (Cup)

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