League: Chantry (Division: 2)

League Table

1Who ate all the Depays221615642836033
2Tea and Busquets FC231535542826033
3Barrymores SC221525603921032
4Pythons FC231355524111031
5Athletico Madras B22122842411026
6Inter Ya Nan FC23104938362024
7Wu tang Ham Clan2374125364-11018
8Osasuna or Later2343162863-35011
9International AS2333172436-1209
10Real Mens not Hut2241172463-3909


08/Mar/2011: Cups


The Main Cup is the Senior Cup Competition of each season.Teams are split into 5 Groups-Top 2 in each go through to Knock out-remainder into Plate.Teams play each other twice throughout season.

Current Winners
Athletico Madras

Plate Winners
Ipswich Madras B

Current Seasons Groups
A Who ate all the Depays 9pts 6pl,The Fellowship 5pts 5pl,Chamakh My Pitch Up 4pts 5pl,Pythons FC 4pts 6pl.
B Last Kings 8pts 5pl,Rosary FC 8pts 6pl,,Athletico Madras 4pts 5pl,Osasuna or Later 2pts 6pl.
C Inter Ya Nan 7pts 6pl,Steezer United 6pts 6pl,Kante be Serious 5pts 5pl,Athletico Madras B 4pts 5pl.
D Double DJ 8pts 6pl,Barrymore SC 8pts 6pl,E Goodfellas 5pts 6pl,Real Mens not Huts 3pts 6pl.
E Wu tang Ham Clan 8pts 6pl,Zootpassers 8pts 6pl,Tea and Busquets 7pts 6pl,Cunning Stunts 3pts 6pl.


Current Winners
Double DJ

Plate Winners
Who ate all the Depays

NEW SEASONS POINTS (After games on 10th June).
Steezer United 40pts,The Fellowship 39pts,Double DJ 37ts,Barrymore SC 28pts,Pythons FC 25pts,Wutang Ham Clan 23pts,Athletico Madras 20pts,Real Mens not Huts 15pts,Tea and Busquets 15pts,Zootpassers 14pts,Kante be Serious 14pts,Rosary FC 13pts,Osasuna or Later 12pts,Chamakh My Pitch Up 12pts,Athletico Madras B 5pts,Henly Athletic 4pts,Last Kings 2pts,Who ate all the Depays 0pts.

The 2 games Cup is for Teams preferring 2 matches an evening.Preliminary and First Round Losers go into Plate.

Teams play each other three times-Teams are expected to complete the season once having started.

League Fixtures

17th June

6:55: Pythons FC v Who ate all the Depays

8:02: Athletico Madras B v Barrymores SC

8:44: Osasuna or Later v Real Mens not Hut

Other Fixtures for teams in this league

17th June

6:30: The Fellowship v Tea and Busquets FC (Cup)

6:55: Steezer United v Wu tang Ham Clan (Cup)

6:55: Tea and Busquets FC v Ipswich Underdogs (Cup)

7:39: Steezer United v Pythons FC (Cup)

8:02: E Goodfellas v Wu tang Ham Clan (Cup)

8:02: Double DJ v Osasuna or Later (Cup)

8:24: Cunning Stunts FC v Real Mens not Hut (Cup)

8:24: Norfolk n Chance v Barrymores SC (Friendly)

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