League: Chantry (Division: 2)

League Table

1Who ate all the Depays7502271512010
2Barrymores SC74122015509
3Pythons FC74121817109
4Tea and Busquets FC73221512308
5International AS74032019108
6Bayern Neverlusen73131817107
7Athletico Madras B73131415-107
8Wu tang Ham Clan72231921-206
9Osasuna or Later7115413-903
10Real Mens not Hut71151223-1103


08/Mar/2011: Cups


The Main Cup is the Senior Cup Competition of each season.Teams are split into 5 Groups-Top 2 in each go through to Knock out-remainder into Plate.Teams play each other twice throughout season.

Current Winners
Athletico Madras

Plate Winners
Ipswich Madras B

Current Seasons Groups
A Who ate all the Depays 2pts 1pl,he Fellowship 1pt 1pl,Pythons FC 1pt 1pl,Ipswich Underdogs 0pts 1pl.
B Last Kings 2pts 1pl,Athletico Madras 2pts 1pl,Rosary FC 0pts 1pl,Osasuna or Later 0pts 1pl.
C International AS 2pts 1pl,Kante be Serious 2pts 1pl,Athletico Madras B 0pts 1pl,Steezer United 0pts 1pl.
D Double DJ 2pts 1pl,E Goodfellas 2pts 1pl,Real Mens not Huts 0pts 1pl,Barrymores SC 0pts 1pl.
E Wu tang Ham Clan 2pts 1pl,Bayern Neverlusen 0pts 1pl,Tea and Busquets

Next round of games being played 7th January-Athletico Madras v Rosary FC,Tea and Busquets v Wang Tang Ham Clan,The Fellowship v Who ate all the Depays,Athletico Madras B v Kante be Serious,Steezer United v International AS,Double DJ v Real Mens not Huts and Barrymores SC v E Goodfellas.


Current Winners
Double DJ

Plate Winners
Athletico Madras B

Plate Final
Who ate all the Depays v Barrymores SC (Being played 17th December).

International AS 7pts,Wu tang Ham Clan 7pts,Steezer United 6pts,The Fellowship 4pts,Athletico Madras 4pts,Bayern Neverlusen 4pts,Double DJ 4pts,Pythons FC 4pts,Osasuna or Later 3pts,Rosary FC 3pts,Barrymore SC 2pts,Real Mens not Huts 2pts,Kante be Serious 1pt,Tea and Busquets 1pt,Who ate all the Depays 0pts,Last Kings 0pts,Athletico Madras B 0pts.

The 2 games Cup is for Teams preferring 2 matches an evening.Preliminary and First Round Losers go into Plate.









League Fixtures

17th December

6:30: Osasuna or Later v Athletico Madras B

7:24: International AS v Wu tang Ham Clan

8:12: Who ate all the Depays v Real Mens not Hut

8:12: Tea and Busquets FC v Barrymores SC

Other Fixtures for teams in this league

17th December

7:00: Steezer United v Wu tang Ham Clan (Cup)

7:00: Kante be Serious v Osasuna or Later (Cup)

7:48: Pythons FC v International AS (Cup)

8:36: International AS v Real Mens not Hut (Cup)

8:36: Barrymores SC v Who ate all the Depays (Plate)

8:36: Tea and Busquets FC v Pythons FC (Cup)

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