League: Chantry (Division: 2)

League Table

1Cunning Stunts211425482424030
3Athletico Madras B2010464142-1024
4Making up the Numbers Reserves2093833276021
5Real Mens not Hut21101103145-14021
6New Kids on Da Block209294145-4020
7Part Time FC2062123656-20014
8Suffolk Nation2113171235-2305
9Waveyy XL000000000


29/Jul/2020: Restart Update rules and regulations.

We are pleased to confirm our restart on Monday 3rd August and We look forward to seeing everyone again.However all Teams will be expected to follow the full FA and Government Covid Guidelines and We do ask all Teams familiarise themselves with those rules and regulations.They can be found at Suffolkfa.com.we have also worked closely with the Centre in ensuring all facility guidelines are met in accordance with our booking and these can be viewed at Chantryacademy.org.Anyone not being able to access the necessary guidelines or having a query should contact Mike on 07850197996.
in addition to the above We have decided ourselves on a few changes to minimise the risk to Teams.Firstly in order to limit the amount of time Teams are waiting around We will temporarily be changing to one game per Team per night of longer duration.We will also be putting in short breaks halfway during each half for those That wish to sanitise.(Teams that normally have more than two games will play two long games but these will be straight after each other).
We will not be using the middle pitch so there is a significant distance between the two games taking place.
Unfortunately We have been advised that cash payments are not now allowed so We will need all Teams to pay monies in direct to-Santander Bank-Acct No 06818846-Sort Code 72-00-00.This can either be done by Team Managers or individuals but totals must please be made prior to kick offs.We obviously do not want to be chasing this so please ensure it is done as requested.
Additionally with one game per night We unfortunately cannot accept late cancellations any longer so all cancellations on the day will be chargeable-any Team just not attending will be charged and fined as You will now leave Opponents without games.
If anyone has any concerns or queries please let Me know and We look forward to catching up on Monday.

08/Mar/2011: Cups


The Main Cup is the Senior Cup Competition of each season.Teams are split into 5 Groups-Top 2 in each go through to Knock out-remainder into Plate.Teams play each other twice throughout season.

Current Winners
Double DJ

Plate Winners
Last Kings

The Fellowship v Tea and Busquets and Steezer United v Athletico Madras.Part Time FC and Double DJ qualified for Semi-Finals.

Plate Final
Ipswich Underdogs v Making up the Numbers.


The 2 games Cup is for Teams preferring 2 matches an evening.Preliminary and First Round Losers go into Plate.

Tea and Busquets v New Kids on Da Block.Double DJ qualified for Final.

Athletico Madras v Ipswich Underdogs and Part Time FC v Making up the Numbers.

Teams play each other three times-Teams are expected to complete the season once having started.

Previous seasons

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Season 16

Season 15

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