League: Chantry (Division: 1)

League Table

1Borussia Teeth22001651104
2Tea and Busquets2200127504
3Making up the Numbers211087103
4Veg Corner110040402
5The Fellowship210198102
6Athletico Madras3102811-302
7Wattisham Wolves301249-501
8Paris Ganga-Man000000000
9Steezer United100126-400
10The Cs2002616-1000


12/Apr/2021: Cup Groups/Knock out

Main Cup-The Cup groups have now been drawn for the current season.Teams play each other in their Groups once with the top 2 advancing to the knock out stages-places 3 and 4 enter the Plate.

Knock out Semi-Final is Veg Corner v Tea and Busquets-Winner plays Borrusia Teeth.
Plate cup games are The Cs v Making up Numbers and ,Athletico Madras v wattisham Wolves.

Knock out Cup
Final being played 4th October Borussia Teeth v Tea and Busquets

15/Dec/2020: League Split

Following requests from Teams We will be splitting the League into 2 Divisions from beginning of January.These will be decided on positions at that stage plus taking into account the standard of the new Teams.This should lead to far more competitive games.Each Team will play the others in their Division 3 times but games already played against other Teams in Your Division will count.
Any Team having a preference on their Division should let Me know.

League Fixtures

27th September

6:30: The Fellowship v Borussia Teeth

6:30: Athletico Madras v Paris Ganga-Man

7:10: Tea and Busquets v Steezer United

8:00: Veg Corner v Making up the Numbers

Other Fixtures for teams in this league

27th September

7:10: Wattisham Wolves v The Fellowship (Cup)

8:00: Wattisham Wolves v Athletico Madras (Cup)

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